May your faith be inspired as you watch what was not meant to be a secret. Does God heal today? Yes He does! He's the same yesterday, today and forever! Be blessed.


Weight Lifted

Tonight, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders. I am full of the Holy Spirit, made new once again, and excited all over again. God works this way all the time when we allow him to. Thank you Nathan Andrew French and Rock of the Harbor for an amazing night.- Colin A


I had the privilege of meeting Nathan French at the Revival leadership Conference in Toronto. During a casual conversation, he tuned into the prophetic and blessed me profoundly. His accuracy was astounding as he generously poured out words of life over my destiny. Almost everything he said was confirmation of what God had already spoken to me through others. Nathan even described a vision that the lord gave me this past summer!

Lungs Healed!

I work on a job that led to my being exposed to fiberglass insulation dust. This caused my eyes and upper respiratory system being really irritated. My wife asked pastor Nathan to pray for me and as he did, the irritation left. My eyes and throat feel fine now!